About Me

Aidan Yetman-Michaelson (Y-M) is an illustrator and printmaker from Los Angeles, California. He attended Maryland Institute College of Art, earning a BFA in Illustration with a Concentration in Book Arts in Spring 2018.

Aidan's work is most influenced by his West-coast roots, combined with his love for medieval manuscripts, golden age illustration, and seventies poster art. His work combines old-world aesthetics with contemporary sensibilities, often using bold color and evocative imagery to invite the eye in. Using detailed and intricate linework, combined with a flat and limited color palette, Aidan creates an aesthetic reminiscent of traditional printmaking. The artist’s thoughtful use of subtle narrative hints create mysterious atmospheres, leaving viewers with a sense of intrigue and suspense.

Equally important to Aidan’s work is the emphasis of physicality and craft. Through a thorough understanding of traditional print media, Aidan utilities the aesthetics of these processes in his hand-drawn and digitally colored works. The artist considers the application of his artwork, experimenting in formats that find a way into the everyday (such as a deck of cards, a set of game coasters, and a portable map). By using the format of books, as well as other print media, he creates interactive and three-dimensional spaces for the viewer and the work to come together.